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Thank you, Alaska State Council on the Arts, for providing in the early 1990s, a grant to help pay for the round trip voyage I took from Homer, Alaska to Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Chain aboard the Tustumena.

The Tustumena is one of the many vessels comprising the fleet of the Alaska Marine Highway System. Thanks go to the Captain, Chief Mate, Purser and the Crew of the Tustumena who graciously provided information throughout the voyage. I consider myself fortunate to have met these special hard-working people.

If you decide to make this journey one day, please know the men and women running these ships are among the most professional in the world.

Camera and tape recorder in hand, I documented everything I saw and heard so many years ago. I did not bother with a stateroom: I slept in my sleeping bag between a few rows of chairs in the ship's small movie theater. When the ship docked, whether 3 AM or 3 PM, I was there, photographing, and using my tape recorder. I took the photo of the Tustumena shown the cover of this book at 4 AM in Dutch Harbor.

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