Nuclear shaman talks classified health discoveries

Why we can't lose weight or an interview with a strange shaman about

classified information that influences our health

interview with shaman by David Peterson –

copyright (c) 2010 David peterson

Years ago i came to know about a certain strange shaman from south Arizona, whose health

is said to be not only excellent, but superhumanly excellent. He reportedly uses particular secret methods that keep him in excellent condition and full of energy. Locals told me that with his abilities and knowledge of alternative medicine, from time to time he is able to help someone who is sick back into magnificent condition. I was looking for the strange shaman for several years. He didn't want to be found, since he doesn't care for popularity. Eventually, he was overwhelmed by his own empathy and compassion for the suffering of humanity and fellow human beings and I found him. Later on I understood that without his goodwill to be found I would still be looking for him today......

It took me some time to persuade him to share some of his knowledge during our several

meetings. He promised me to clarify and explain why the health of the American population (and actually of other countries' populations as well) is getting worse and worse. We settled on seven meetings, but we met only six times. At the end of the sixth meeting shaman answered a sudden phone call. After hearing whatever he heard in the earphone he hung up the phone, and without uttering a word of goodbye rushed away. He didn't arrive at the seventh meeting and I didn't ever succeed in contacting him again.

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