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For Readers and Writers

By Joan Reeves

Have you ever tried to achieve something that seemed impossible? Did you succeed or did you have to reset that lofty goal for another time? We accept that lofty goals take hard work, struggle, and sacrifice, but sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can't make "it" happen.

If you're a human being inhabiting this planet, then you know what I'm talking about. Just as you know how it feels to be rejected. All of us experience defeat and rejection at some time or other no matter how hard we persevere or how hard we work. Sure, we know that there are no bargains at the counter of success, but we still don't expect the struggle to be so hard.

Failure to achieve a goal hurts. Rejection hurts--whether you're being rejected by boyfriends, girlfriends, editors, agents, readers, or whomever. The truth is if you put yourself out there, you risk rejection and failure. It’s just part of life. True, it's the sucky part, but that's the way it is.

How do you keep going when everything seems to conspire to kick you in the teeth? Whether it's being rejected or failing to achieve a goal or just the daily grind of the world's "downer" news, how do you maintain a positive attitude? After all, it's hard to keep banging your head against a door that just won’t open. How do you persist when you feel little validation for your efforts? Often, there comes a point in the struggle when you just need a little help from outside yourself to lift you up.

If the black clouds of dejection are hovering, and it's raining on your parade, then let this Little Book of Sunshine: For Readers and Writers put a smile on your face, lift you out of the doldrums, and give you the energy to continue on your journey to success.

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