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A Cat Caper: A Delilah Duffy Short
Jessica Sherry

Published by Jessica Sherry at Smashwords

Copyright © 2014 Jessica Sherry

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A Cat Caper: A Delilah Duffy Short

Part One… The Crime?

Loggerhead turtles dine dangerously. Poisonous jellyfish that can infect creatures with a mere swipe of their tentacles don’t even give loggerheads indigestion. Turtles have adapted. The poisons from their favorite mid-ocean snack don’t hurt them, but something else might. Relying on sight instead of taste and smell, these turtles sometimes get confused. In the water, plastic bags look just like gelatinous jellyfish. Quick to satisfy their hunger, loggerheads eat before they think. Mistaken identity sometimes ends up being the last mistake they’ll ever get to make.

My name is Delilah Duffy, and I know a lot about making mistakes. No, I don’t consume plastic bags… though I did eat a few Starburst candy wrappers when I was a kid… and maybe when I was older, too. I don't have the patience or the fingernails to peel the dang things off! I moved to Tipee Island off the coast of North Carolina a few months ago to reopen my late aunt’s bookstore, Beach Read, and get away from a mistake-mountain I’d created. A string of mistakes later… and I’m barely hanging on by a thread in both the business and personal departments. But, today, a boring Tuesday in August, I’m still here and the doors are open. Endangered, but surviving.

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