Maggie’s Milkman

By Gareth Davies

Published by Gareth Davies at Smashwords

Copyright 2014 Gareth Davies


Thanks to

Vince Cornwell Zimbob Cartoons for the cover

Keith Layfield for editorial consultation

JT for constant encouragement

JL for giving me belief

and of course to


for putting up with me during the initial drafts.

Chapter 1: 1983: The Milk Round

Three bloody fifteen in the bloody morning. The alarm clock wailed incessantly. Mal just stared at it, motionless. Tuesday, he bloody hated Tuesday. Why did he hate Tuesday? Because it wasn’t Thursday. He liked Thursdays. He collected money on Thursdays. That brought a smile to his face. He got out of bed. The warm thought of Thursday helping him face the day. It was a cold, miserable South Wales morning. The house was freezing cold, but there was no point putting on the fan heater. He put his jeans on over the Y-fronts he’d been sleeping in. He looked around in the darkness for his shirt and pulled it on over the T-shirt he’d been sleeping in. He put his boots on over the socks he’d been sleeping in. Hey, what the hell – it was only Tuesday. He’d only see the boys in the yard and maybe one or two others from the early shift leaving for work. What did it matter if he smelt a bit? It wasn’t Thursday. He gave his teeth a quick clean, splashed some water on his face and headed out into the cold.

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