ISBN 978-1-936852-11-6

Cover Art Designed By Elaina Lee

Edited By Stephanie Taylor

For Alannah Mari, who loves the sea.


Josh slammed the drawer of the bedroom cupboard shut. A small fragment of peach satin edged with lace trim peeked out, caught in between the woodwork.

"What on earth?" Tentatively, he pulled the drawer open again and, feeling more than a little embarrassed, tucked the offending piece of underwear back inside the drawer.

Tammy had sworn she hadn't been to her cottage in months, yet the cupboards in the master bedroom were full of her clothes. He straightened up. They weren't the kind of clothes he remembered his oldest friend wearing, either, unless she led a different kind of lifestyle when she was down here in New Bay.

Tammy had always been a rough-and-tumble kind of girl; the type who wore jeans and plaid shirts, not the sort to wear frothy lingerie and skimpy little sun dresses. Just went to show that he shouldn't go around making assumptions. Not that he'd ever been really good at understanding women.

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