//That is impossible//, she thought. Worry was illogical; the outcome of any given situation could not be affected by dwelling on random factors over which one had no control.

Turning her focus back to the task at hand, she searched the room thoroughly and found several syringes that contained operational nanites, along with quite a few canisters of all-purpose fabrication putty.

Sitting down on a nearby crate, she began applying the putty to her damaged areas, before injecting the nanites into the base of her skull. The nanites would be able to repair most of the damage, but the quality of materials in the putty was not up to specifications, so it would only be temporary until she could get proper replacement parts.

As the nanites began the slow process of extracting the required materials from the putty and rebuilding the damaged pieces, she applied some of her remaining processing power to further analysis of the situation. Amid the wreckage of the facility she had not seen any bodies, so obviously the human staff had been able to escape the event, which was good. It was also clear there had been very little time or they would not have left her behind–would not have left so much valuable equipment behind, she corrected, feeling a strange tension in her chest.

It was logical; she would have only slowed them down after all, she was dead weight. Of course the only logical option was to leave her behind… with the rest of the scrap…

She reached up and carefully touched the corner of her eye, and her finger came away slick. A coolant line must have come loose. She would have to address that soon.

Well, clearly no one was planning to return, so the only thing to do was leave and try to reach one of the other facilities. First, she would need a new source of power. There was enough power left in her reserve batteries to last a little while, but with her reactor offline, it was only a matter of time before she shut down again, and unless someone found her, she would not be waking up. A little shudder coursed through her at the thought, and she decided to enter standby to conserve what power she had left while the nanites completed the repairs.

It was several hours before the nanites had finished their work, but when she woke and tested her range of motion she was pleased with the results. However, she was less pleased with the state of her casing. The material that formed her skin was an advanced nano-fiber that could be dynamically hardened or softened, but the patches created by the nanites gave it a mottled appearance and also reduced it flexibility. She stared at the blotchy pattern on her arms, debating whether to activate her holographic skin. There was really no need for it at the moment, and it would be a needless drain on her reserves, but…

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