The Secret Passion of Twins

A Short Story


Jacqueline Howett

Elivlio Publishing © Copyright Jacqueline Howett 2012

Smashwords Edition.


It was passing midnight. Ryan Dawson looked at his watch when he heard Brenda and Owen from the drawing room drive up through the court yard to the front of the house. It was a hot night. The windows to the drawing room were wide open. He walked over to the windows and took in the fresh air while he watched his son Owen kiss Brenda goodnight, jump out of her metallic grey convertible and throw his jacket over his shoulder. Preoccupied he returned to his desk. He had a lot of work to still do that would keep him up again all hours of the night.

“Call me later-Bye.” said Brenda. Owen blew her a kiss as Brenda raced away waving her hand enthusiastically in the air.

Ryan Dawson listened to Owen let himself in and rush up the stairs to his room before throwing himself in to his work.

Owen threw his jacket down on the bed, kicked off his shoes and socks in a dutiful manner, loosened his tie, opened the balcony doors, and stepped outside on the veranda to hear the roar of the ocean and smell the salty air. He watched his mother finish her midnight swim. She had always said a swim each night relaxed her and made her sleep better. She was patting her self dry with the beach towel and was just making for the house when Pat Leighton, her next door neighbor came out of the darkness. Owen grew excited watching Pat, knowing the twins were back on vacation. The ocean roared as he thought of Cathy who was probably sleeping, or writing her novels in the house next to him, or sitting on the porch in her wheel chair watching the ocean. He wondered of that day their relationship had ended, after her being paralyzed in the car crash five years ago. He had done what she wanted a year ago and started dating Brenda. He still had feelings for Cathy, but she wouldn’t respond to his affections after the crash. Cathy’s words echoed in his mind. ‘Find some other woman and make a life for yourself’. As he watched Pat, it spooked him sometimes seeing Pat in this way as Cathy. They looked and acted exactly alike. If it wasn’t for the fact Cathy was in a wheelchair, he found it hard knowing the twins apart.

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