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What is Life?

Ajay Goel & Khushboo Sahu

Copyright 2014 by Ajay Goel

Smashwords Edition


Life is all about being happy. The paths you walk down in your life are your own choices, but no matter what you become or choose to be, all you seek is happiness.

Happiness lies totally in your heart and in the memory of your childhood. So life is where your heart is. So when life seems to be very confused and all jumbled up try looking for your heart. Your conscience will guide you. Close your eyes, feel the moment, the place you are at, the cloths on you, feel the temperature around you, feel your pulse and reach your heart, they will give you a clear picture of what you are, where you are and what you want. After you are familiar with your own state, they will then guide you what you want and how you can chase it.

There are certain things in life which are programmed, while we are growing, called morals and principles of life. They are tampered with or manipulated when we grow up to get what we want. Life is not only about what we want, it is mostly about what we have.

So, live fully with what you have then go looking for something which is new and exciting. “If you want to break the rules, follow them, reach the top and break it” that’s the only way . It is only when you understand the importance of what you have, then only you can appreciate whatever you get.

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