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Praise for Lucian Barnes

DESTINED FOR DARKNESS - "Gruesome and intriguing, mixed with the awkwardness of real life!"

R&M Fab Reviews

DESTINED FOR DARKNESS - “Are you looking for a read that will creep you out and give you nightmares? Destined for Darkness did that for me. In this book, we get a look into the Mancini family. We see how the darkness starts to creep in and eventually take over the lives of first, Frank, and then his son, George. The story shows us how the two men can be seemingly harmless, but hide an evil so vile that even they are repulsed by their own actions.

Despite the fact that this book gave me a major case of the creeps, I was compelled to read on about the horrific things the Mancini men did. I think a writer has done their job well when you are reading and making gagging noises because you can envision the carnage. When you cringe because you can almost see what’s going to happen next. If this were a movie, I would have had my hands over my eyes for most of it. Job well done, Mr. Barnes. You thoroughly disturbed me with this book."

Mindy Nabors, Paranormal Tendencies

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