by Elizabeth Nicks

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Copyright 2010 Elizabeth Nicks

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Music is now and forever.

Music is now and forever the place of comfort,
The place for the oppressed to receive peace,
The place where everyone belongs,
and The place where I, the one no one likes, have happiness.

Music is the key to a happy heart,
A strong mind,
A Heart that heals, when it is unfortunately broken,
A place for forgiveness from hate, debt, turmoil, heartbreak and loss,
and A place for love and comfort.

Music is a healer,
A gift for the poor,
A happiness to the sorrowful,
A new beginning for the sinner,
A blessing along the way of a healthy heart,
The studier of solitude,
The mask of silence,
and The love for the hated.

Music is now and forever, mine.

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