Science Surprises

Exploring the Nature of Science

Version 3.9: December 2014

By Lawrence Flammer

ISBN 9781311806796

Science Surprises by Lawrence Flammer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


Students: As you use this booklet, keep in mind that there are several interactive lessons (or lab activities) that your teacher will introduce and guide you through. In fact, you probably have already done a few of those lessons before you got this textbook. This booklet should help you to better understand, remember and use the concepts you experienced in those lessons, and the additional lessons to come.

In the Appendices, you will find a number of extensions from the main chapters. Some will take you into greater depth and detail. Others will provide more examples. And still others are additional activities that your teacher may assign. Or, you might just want to do them if they intrigue you, if you finished your assigned work, and you have the time.

There were many more resources used to create this textbook (and the teaching guide) than are found on the Science Surprises References page. Those additional resources can be found in the Science Surprises Teaching Guide References.

There were many people who contributed to the Science Surprises unit. These include the many teachers in the ENSI program who classroom-tested the lessons, and agreed to post them on the ENSI website. There were also the several teachers and their students across the nation who volunteered to field-test the Science Surprises program. Acknowledgement to those people (and many others) can be found in the Teach Science Surprises guide.

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