And I Was Hungry

A poem by Sarah Baethge

© Sarah Baethge, 2014

All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition

Story of the Poem

And I Was Hungry (the poem)

Story of the Poem

Would you believe that this poem got its beginnings from junk email?

I got an email trying to tempt me into a short-story competition with the prompt ‘And We Were Hungry.’ Somehow that just made vampires spring to my mind. I just about instantly wrote down the first 7 or so lines of my story without thought and decided it looked like a poem more than just a story.

Deciding that it could be fun to try to keep it as a poem as I told the entire story, that’s what I did. I wrote at it for a week or two before I came to the end, and I was fairly happy with the outcome.

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