Hank Alton was both intrigued and dismissive of rumors regarding the crazy, repulsive witch who lived at the end of Blossom Lane – that was until his son had his own close escape from the wicked Mad Sally! Upon meeting her, Hank was delighted to find a reclusive enchantress with a need for privacy that over the years had evolved into a series of mostly deliberate eccentricities designed to keep everyone in town at bay. Peering beneath the façade of invented madness, Hank finds himself enticed and bewitched by Sally’s wounded soul and free spirit. Hank’s somewhat unintentional crusade to coax her out from behind the cloak of invented madness takes him on Sally’s personal roller coaster of goofy antics and web of disinformation, the heights sometimes so dizzying that love and passion between them are all that keep Hank from losing Sally to her personal demons.



Victoria Leigh

Smashwords Edition - January 2014

WordFire Press

ISBN: 978-1-61475-139-7

Copyright © 1992 by Victoria Leigh Erbschloe
Originally published by Bantam Books February 1992

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