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In a dimly lit alley, a woman in her mid-twenties ran terrified for her life. Although she didn’t see the criminals following her, she knew they were there, somewhere cloaked within the fog rising from the cooling streets.

She came to a street and briefly stopped. ‘Which way should she go?’ Instead of running down the street near her, she felt she had a better chance going down the alley facing her.

The alley veered sharply to her left then turned out to be a dead end. Whirling about to go back, her path was suddenly blocked by three male figures.

The one in the middle stepped forward, trying to calm her frantic state. "There's no where to go. I don't want to hurt you, baby girl. I want what's best for all of us."

"What's best for you is to leave me the hell alone!" she screamed, grabbing a steel rod off the ground. Wildly, she swung the pipe around trying desperately to keep the shadows at a distance. “Stay away from me!”

One could tell she was terrified, but she had a right to be since one of these figures was a very powerful heroin dealer on the Westside of Detroit. He had connections so high in the city; her life meant absolutely nothing to him.

"Why don't you just assure us you'll keep your mouth closed?" the second figure said calmly.

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