First book in the Creston Series

By Julia Talmadge

Dedicated as always to those that I love the most my parents, siblings, and life partner.

All Photrography is always by Cynthia Herndon.


Life had many unexpected turns and each soul is sent to learn some lesson. Throughout each of our lifetimes we all experience good and bad throughout these turns. Just imagine for once that one of those turns would be the destruction of our planet and any of us, mere mortals that we are; learning to live another other species on alien planets. Would we survive, what beliefs, morals, aspects of ourselves would have to change in order for us to live. You see we forget that all of our belief systems, concepts, and values are human and when one day we encounter alien life forms their own belief systems may be quite different than our own. Would you be able to make that leap of faith to understand them, to live, outside of our planet?

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