If you chose to do so, you could probably make the case that “going minimal” is an act of selfishness. Particularly, this may be valid if you chose that direction without considering the impact that your arbitrary decision would have on family and friends. I thank my family and friends for accepting my choice of lifestyle, thus preventing me from wearing the brand of “selfish.”

I am extremely fortunate, in that my wife, Janice, has embraced this new way of living enthusiastically, and eagerly has accommodated my quirky habits and values. Without Janice, this journey would have been difficult, if not impossible.

I also am extremely fortunate that I have close friends that, not only understand, but encourage our unusual choices. It is the richness of friendships with people such as Claude and Ginette that makes “going minimal” an experience that we can enjoy to the maximum.

I would like to thank, too, my children – all eight of them – for tolerating their oddball parents. And I hope that, as they travel through the richness that life has to offer, that, someday, they will take the poet’s Road Less Travelled. They deserve all the splendour that unexplored pathways offer.

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Living Lean and Green

Know Before You Go

Head and Heart Conditioning

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Always Be Prepared

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