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For my Mom, Sandra Jane Olson Borslien,

And for my friend, Paul Wadsworth—

You should be here to see me now.

Or maybe somehow you are here.


Or, navigating the terrain of this book and the extras,

and getting to know my Inner Archivist

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a writer. I write poetry and prose, I compose lyrics and music and generally enjoy penning just about anything as long as I can be creative with it. So, I wondered about how I would approach this book since I have not been ‘practicing’ writing lately. I used to write daily, sometimes in several sessions. But when I took a hiatus from composing and performing music, my writer’s brain went on strike.

Oh, sure, I have jotted down a random musing here and there, in one of my numerous and various-sized notebooks throughout the house, but nothing came of those musings after they spilled out onto the page.

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