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Pray For Us Sinners

Pray For Us Sinners

Ronnie and Gina approached to guide the woman back to bed. “Mrs. Witz, whatever you have to say or do can wait for another day,” Ronnie said. “What’s important now is that you rest.”

No.” Lorraine’s voice took on its normal tone. “No, this is important right now. I need your help.”

I told Allayne’s agent that I’d be happy to do anything to help with the funeral services, but he said—”

I don’t give a damn about that right now, Veronica. I want to you help me nail the creep who killed my Laney.”

What?” Ronnie flopped on the bed as Lorraine brushed past Gina to her highboy dresser. Had Allayne had been right all along? Why was Lew reluctant to pursue a case, though?

But Allayne died in her sleep, right?” She looked to her sister, who only gave her a look that said Just wait.

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