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Many thanks to Jan Gordon, my wonderful and tireless editor. Out of the goodness of her heart, she rereads, advises, encourages and prods me throughout the entire writing process. Without her, my stories would just sit on my hard drive. Also thanks to all of the ‘Gutter Girls’ and my readers at Fiction Press who have offered their feedback, encouragement and have allow me to practise my writing skills on them.

This book is a sequel to The Mating and The Keeping. You really should read them first for this book to make sense. Like all my stories, the idea for writing The Finding began quite unexpectedly when Cassie suddenly appeared in The Keeping. The concept grew in response to feedback from my readers who were curious about what happened to the young girl. This is her story, as well as that of my villains, Marla and Aldrich and my previous couples, Kane and Elise, and Ryne and Mel. I hope you enjoy visiting with them again.





Cassie stood at the edge of an alleyway, staring out at the breaking dawn. A few cars drove past but none of the drivers turned their heads in her direction. Just to be sure, she stepped back a bit. The street was lined with stores and small businesses, and in the distance there appeared to be a number of flashing, lighted signs. If she didn’t know better, she’d think it looked like Las Vegas, but that was ridiculous. The bus she’d been on couldn’t have travelled that far! She tucked her hair behind her ears and furrowed her brow, wondering where she might be, and how she’d ended up in an alley.

The last thing she remembered was lying on a bed in a motel, having spent half the night fleeing from the sight of her uncle’s death and the wolf attack. She’d taken her medication and tried to calm down by thinking of happier places; that was the last thing she could recall until waking up here, just a few minutes ago.

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