McCoy’s Miracles II

More World Class Card Magic

Ian McCoy

Copyright 2013 Ian McCoy

Smashwords Edition


A cliché often heard from experienced magicians is that if they can find one routine/trick in a publication they will be satisfied. At the outset the author guarantees that the reader/viewer will be satisfied seven times over. Here he offers seven routines he uses frequently. Most are his own creation and he guarantees that the more experienced card workers will use every single routine! It is professional strong material. The routines are extremely commercial and always get a massive reaction. They really are that good.

The author/performer is aware that material like this is usually only offered by specialist dealers at very high prices. He has been criticised for this by other professionals. So be it.

There will be some difficult moves to learn. They are not easy and the novice will have to put in the time to learn them and perform them. But understand that magic is not about moves or double lifts and difficult sleight of hand. It is about entering into a relationship with a person or people whereby you can lead them to experience magic.

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