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Jason & Alissia

And Susan

* * *

Think, In this battered caravansari

Whose doorways are alternate Night and Day

How sultan after sultan With his pomp

Abode his Destined hour and went his way

(The Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam -Edward Fitzgerald Translation))

* * *

Part One

When The Gods Slept

* * *


Stranger on A Hill

The villagers fear him.

They draw lots each day to see who must fill his beggar’s bowl.

The loser creeps up the hill trembling and clutching a talisman. The stranger knows they fear the evil eye so he doesn’t look when the approach is made. He makes no sound or movement until the deed is done and the villager flees as if there were a dervish at his heels.

The villagers think the stranger is a mad priest and curse the day he came to hide in these hills.

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