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"Jennifer, you are sick, you need to go home." I insisted.

"Why? No one's there. No one is ever at home at my house. Mom works ten to twelve hours a day as a real estate salesman, dad's gone on a business trip. My brother is in college. I'm better off here, than there."

I had forgotten Jennifer had told me this months ago when I had started dating Michael. I felt sorry for her then, and I felt sorry for her now. Sometimes I get busy with every day things and forget others have bigger problems.

"Is it a bug, something catching, or did you eat something that bothered you?" I asked wanting to get her away from that drain before I got sick too.

She let me pull her up and I held on to her, as she seemed weak. "No, it's nothing like that."

"Then what's wrong?" I asked unable to solve the mystery on my own.

"I'm pregnant."

Of all the things I expected to hear from Jennifer, pregnant was not one of them. Jennifer had been a cheerleader for years, training in competitions. Voted the girl most likely, most popular, everyone just knew Jennifer would make it in the real world. She was reasonably smart and I never once suspected she would be in this position. I guess I was a little naïve.

"Zach?" I blurted out wanting to smack him at the thought.

"Yes, Zach. You know we've dated for three years now and I thought we'd go on to college, get married and then have kids. But I ran out of birth control pills, I couldn't get a hold of Mom to get some from the doctor, and Zach and I …."

"Oh Jennifer, I'm so sorry. But are you sure? I mean…could you be mistaken?"

"Yes, I'm certain. I'm two weeks late and I took one of those home pregnancies test, twice. Both times it came up positive. So I'm sure. But…that's not the worst of it; we broke up when I told Zach." Jennifer wailed miserably. "He just couldn't handle it."

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