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Journey to Lightningwood Forest


Meredith Short

Published by Meredith Short at Smashwords

Copyright 2010 Meredith Short

For MacKenzie and her kingdom of cousins. May you seek adventure and find it.

Special thanks to Dale Mettam for his beautiful cover design, Jeanne Caldie for her eagle eyes, and John Henry Labriola for his voracious appetite for books and his enthusiasm for sharing his love for a good story with friends.

Chapter 1

Lacey sat on a thatched roof gobbling down one of her mother’s rolls as the rest of the quiet village of Mabley doused its lights and curled up in bed for the night. She could tell by the height of the moon that it was well past her bedtime, but the cool breeze and the anticipation of getting up to mischief kept her wide awake. While the rest of Mabley slept, she would have an adventure.

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