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Resonance of the Soul

By Bill Mays

Published by Bill Mays at Smashwords

Copyrite 2014 Bill Mays


Music as pure and beautiful as anything ever created rippled through the air in relaxing waves. The melodies were there with the rain drops as they splashed into puddles. They were there in the songs of the birds, the whistle of the winds and the rustling of the leaves. It was so faint, so sublime that no one would actually know it was even playing softly all around them on an ever-flowing basis. This primal music remained subtlety woven into the fabric of everything, the air, the water, the earth. Suddenly, the crystalline core of the planet vibrated with a dissonant hum. Energies, foreign and almost alien to most beings on the planet, surged through the air causing leaves to slip free of tree branches and highly sensitive animals to pause in startled confusion. It was but a minor discord, a tiny sound blip in the flow of EL’s energies. Something or someone had tapped into the resonating vigor of the planet and all of EL’s energies, even her sounds, were a potent force not meant to be taken lightly. EL was an ancient world with numerous magics and powers that emanated from her crystal core bringing life and death in that constant cycle to those that called her home. And though EL was impassive, a world of neutrality, cause and effect, many of those that did thrive on her surface and below her surface were not so benign. Good and evil were tangible forces constantly battling for dominance among those conscious life forms. And so, as with every other type of power, the sounds, the pure music of creation, could also become a blessing of life or a weapon for destruction.

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