Grandmother Carelle whispered, "They know."

Tarah blinked, puzzled. "Who knows, grandmother?"

"They do!" she said harshly. "But I didn’t let them have it. I burned everything."

Tarah gasped, and Carelle waved her hand again as if to swat away the disapproving words Tarah was about to say. "It was the only thing I cou^&ld do. Now listen, you have to do this for me, and you must go quickly."

"Grandmother," Tarah shook her head helplessly, "Grandmother, I don’t know what you’re talking about."

"Then listen, child!" Carelle propped herself up on a pillow. "There’s not much time. The Peze Comet is coming soon, in just a few days, and that Zircon needs our help."

Tarah remained quiet, though she desperately wanted to speak.

"If they find out, they will try to stop you, and we can’t have that." Then she mumbled, "They must have found out about the box."

"The box?" Tarah froze.

Carelle ignored her. "You must get a key, Tarah, and use it to find the Zircon."

"A key?"

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