"I wish to fly," a woman said, peering into a crystal sphere. And her wish was granted.

The night sky opened itself to her and embraced her body with the gentle brushes of the wind. Dark clouds drifted slowly past as she raced upwards, toward the stars.

No longer earthbound, she was free in the wind. Spreading her arms, her laugh caught in her throat as she twirled around and raced across the sky. She released her joy, allowing the burst of laughter to escape from her lips. Twirling around again, she flipped, turned, and then flipped again, feeling the rush of the plunge, defying gravity, the adrenaline taking her higher.

She could fly.

Angling herself, she flapped her arms and dashed up, cutting straight through the middle of a cloud. She wanted more. Higher. Higher. Faster. Faster. The freedom of it all, the exhilaration of such power began to make her giddy. She slowed down and stopped a moment, hovering above the pillows of clouds.

With the full moon at her back, she stared at the sky, amazed at its endless, immense darkness. She could go anywhere, be anywhere, with just a moment’s thought.

Suspended in the sky, she slowly turned around and took in the beauty of the things in the air, moving past her. Then, curious about the view of the earth from her vantage point, she easily and swiftly descended. Once past the clouds, she saw her homeland. The forest, the city--everything looked like a miniature maze of simple construction. Like toys. Flying above the earth made her realize how insignificant, how delicate, how small yet precious the world was.

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