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Chapter One

Hera’s Curse

One hundred thousand years I curse your kind

Each century you will find

One human woman, not your mate

This curse is now your fate

I looked at Hera, my mother, goddess of marriage. She stood covered in blood, her anger burned, uncaring that she’d killed so many. “Mother, you’ve had your vengeance, you must not curse the ones who remain for a hundred thousand years.”

A crack of lightning, followed by a boom of thunder, lit up the skies. “After what Drakon did to your sister, you still have sympathy for their kind?”

Her voice cut like ice and her words left me ashamed. I too could never forgive him, but for his deeds, the dragons suffered almost complete annihilation and only four males remained. “Not him, but the others, yes. I have no understanding why Eileithyia loved him, but the female dragons had nothing to do with it. They were innocent, mother.”

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