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Emmy was a child witch who lived in a small tree house in the branches of a very big tree hidden in the corner of a park. She had two good friends, a cat called Lege and a magpie called Sorty. One night they went to visit her and when they reached the tree where she lived Lege shouted:

“Emmyyyy Emmyyyy.”

“Shh! Don’t shout so much. You’ll wake up the stones,” murmured Sorty the magpie as she took hold of Lege’s tail with her beak and flew up to the top of the tree, entering her friend’s tree house through a window.

“What a surprise! I have visitors. Shouldn’t you be sleeping at this hour?” asked Emmy.

“That’s just what we wanted to talk about. In the world of dreams everything is upside down. Everybody has gone crazy,” said Lege.

“The plants are eating the animals,” said Sorty.

“The ugly Strangeface is frightening the ghosts,” said Lege.

“ The Chinaman Wong has woken up a dragon with a firecracker,” said Sorty.

“The three kings have lost their way in the desert,” said Lege.

“Anyway,everything is topsy-turvy,” said Sorty, as she placed the tips of her wings on the floor and lifted her feet off the ground, falling over and bumping her head.

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