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Make Willing the Prey

The Metro Gnome


Hegwimple wore a crumpled brown leather hat that came to a floppy point over his left ear. His bristly beard grew down to his belt buckle, and as he waited for the bus, he shifted his feet from side to side, counting in time, “Tick tick tock, tick tock.” He wobbled slightly as he went, for one leg grew longer than the other.

The three-fifty-eight to downtown arrived in a puff of charcoal-colored smoke.

He’d ridden the buses all day, up and down the city, yet hardly any books could be found. No one read, not books, not anymore. Now they read phones and plastic tablets etched in electronic ink. No books left, not anymore, not for Hegwimple.

He waited patiently for the woman in front of him to pay her fare while juggling two small children. One little girl stood eye level with him. She tugged her mommy’s hand and pointed. Hoping to frighten her, he stuck his tongue out and squinted fiercely. Instead of screaming, she giggled, and he grumbled, “Tick ticky tick tock”, until the woman moved on.

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