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To See

Tokyo Street Photography

James Hegarty


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To See

At least to see as much as possible, in the fleeting moment, passing in a blur. I have always wanted to do that. To keep seeing more, to keep seeking the spontaneous and unscripted, un-scored, the unplanned.

Street photography grew out of my natural inclination to search for moments of beauty and energy in something completely unanticipated. It is of the same soil as the free improvisations I play on piano, synthesizers, and laptop. On stage, there are no limits, no preconceptions, no ordered circumstances, and no roadmap. The music I make is complete in the moment. It happens now, it is beautiful and intense. And it will never happen again the same way, ever. It is as real, and as unpredictable and unlimited as life itself.

To see is to recognize, to perceive, to comprehend, and to remember. We see the fleeting glance, the unintended collision of perspectives, and the combined momentum of gestures and intersections that meet and move on. The beauty of improvised music and street photography is the complete naturalness of honest human expression – uncontrived or artificially embellished by repetition or rehearsal. We hear the coincidence of sounds and notes and harmonies intersecting, moment after moment, and realize that yes, this is the real thing.

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