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Mail Order Bride: A Little Child Shall Lead Her


Vanessa Carvo

Copyright 2014 Vanessa Carvo

Smashwords Edition

‘Widowed man with ten year old daughter, Abigail -- known as Abby -- who is blind and strong willed, seeking a tender, soft and compassionate woman who is of a teacher type, to live with us and assist me with satisfying the needs of my daughter.

‘She is in need of kind discipline. I am offering security, stability, basic needs met and a warm home to a woman who has the heart of Christ and can apply that heart to my daughter. I am not looking for love or marriage, but for my daughter to receive soft discipline, education and a woman’s influence in her life. Please, only the serious apply. My name is Harland Dobbs.’

This is how my story began and this is how I found a precious woman who came into my daughter’s life and changed her remarkably.

On the morning of June 12, 1855, my wife Angela Kate had taken Abby into town by buggy to treat her to a day of shopping for new material that she would be making dresses out of for Sabbath and special occasions.

As they left Sabrina’s Shop, she walked into the street to return to her buggy and a fight was beginning to unfold in the street. When Angela hurried alongside of the street, shots rang out and a stray bullet to the heart hit Angela.

She fell to the ground, Abby ran to her mother, and Angela died in my daughter’s arms. By the time I got word of what had happened, the town Mayor had taken my daughter to a local orphanage to be cared for.

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