“All hail to the Crown of Death!”


Though all the members of the coven cried out the words, Morgan remained stubbornly silent. Held by four demons, he seemed powerless to escape what was about to happen, yet surely he could find some magical means to avoid becoming an unwilling initiate into dark witchcraft. But as a fifth demon pulled red-hot pincers out of a nearby brazier, all hope fled.

The demon came toward him, its webby wings pulsing, its insect eyes glittering. Then the pincers bit, the pain scorched through his whole body, and his nose filled with the smoke of his own burning flesh. Finally it was over, and the leader of the coven was approaching, holding a large green-bound book and a pen. He touched the nib to Morgan’s blackened, torn wound and the pen filled with his blood. Then the man gave him the pen and held up the book.

On the right-hand page was a contract straight from hell: I hereby swear fealty to Fryga Tukhanox, the Crown of Death, to do her bidding and her work, in all ways required of me...









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