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Sexual Coercion



Frat Party


Nikki Shannen

Published by Nikki Shannen at Smashwords

@ Copyright June 2010, All Rights Reserved

This book is for mature audiences only it contains explicit sex and some people may find the content disturbing. No part of this book may be copied without the expressed permission of author, Nikki Shannen.


Laurie was in her second week working as an intern for Starling Pharmaceuticals a company her father worked for twenty-five years she was finally be able to contribute to the household expenses. Her mother had a stroke two years ago and hadn’t fully recovered. With the savings she already had and the money she would make this summer she would have enough money for the first year at the State University. Laurie was really counting on getting the company scholarship, it would see her through all fours years of college and may even provide some extras to help her parents.

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