Why Did Philip Have To Die?

written by Kathy Wood

Written by Kathy Wood


Questions With No Answers

Why did Philip have to die? How do you satisfactorily reply to such an innocent question your inquisitive 4-year old repeatedly asks about his newly deceased older brother? Do you invent something such as he’s “just sleeping”, giving him unrealistic hope that Philip will suddenly “just wake up” someday? “God needed another angel in heaven and He chose Philip” is another possible response. This could make him angry at God for taking his sibling away from him. In his little, confused mind he could be thinking that Philip did something wrong, thus the results when you misbehave, are death. Or, do you bluntly tell him three little words known as the truth, “I don’t know”, because you don’t understand it yourself?

Is it okay for a parent to respond with “I don’t know”? Parents are supposed to know everything in the eyes of a young child. They have all the right answers to the world’s multiple problems; they are capable of fixing anything broken, creating anything, controlling anything. They never fail. Oh, to be the person my 4-year old thinks I am.

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