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Frat Party


Nikki Shannen

Published by Nikki Shannen at Smashwords

@ Copyright June 2010, All Rights Reserved

This book is for mature audiences only, it contains explicit sex, and some people may find the content disturbing.

Frat Party

This was the third time he saw Mrs. Thompson in the store, he was the evening manager and it was his job to keep the shelves stocked and of course handle any problems. Mrs. Emma Jean Thompson was hot in a Pamela Anderson sort of way. Every time she visited the store she would find him and practically undressed him with her eyes, five to ten minutes later he would be called to the check out involving some issue with Mrs. Thompson. This time when she left the check out she motioned for him to walk with her so she could speak with him; he walked her to her car out of respect. He knew her kids Karen and Keith, Karen was his age and Keith was a senior at state this year.

Jimmy is the perfect candidate for what Keith and in mind for his hazing party; he was so hot for her that he would meet her anywhere. Emma Jean ran her hand up and down his arms then she grabbed his cock and started rubbing through his pants. “Jimmy I know you want to fuck me and I want to fuck you too, meet me at my house Saturday night after 7:00 pm, we’ll have the house all to ourselves. It feels like your packing a lot of meat and I can’t wait to taste that cock. See you Saturday lover.” She squeezed his cock one more time then she got into her car. Jimmy wanted to fuck her badly she wondered if he’d make it to the bathroom in time to jerk off or would he cum in his pants.

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