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Mail Order Bride: Lee’s City Slicker


Vanessa Carvo

Copyright 2014 Vanessa Carvo

Smashwords Edition

Jamie looked at the piece of paper that he’d just positively mangled with his red pen and shook his head. If this new writer didn’t start shaping up soon, perhaps he’d have to find a job at one of New York City’s other papers — if they’d take him at all.

Jamie was finding that he practically had to rewrite every article from this particular writer, who was in his second month with the paper. Jamie resolved to have a word with the managing editor after lunch.

Well, if he even took lunch. There were too many articles to be proofed by deadline. He might ask Marlene to run down to the little café on the corner and get him a sandwich. He could eat at his desk.

“Marlene!” he called, his stomach grumbling. It was nearly 1 p.m., he saw with a quick glance at his wristwatch. He was really going to have to pick up his editing pace. With any luck, the rest of the articles wouldn’t be as time consuming.

“You called, Mr. Wallace?”

Marlene leaned into his office, smiling. One of the paper’s many secretaries, Marlene was pretty and pleasant, her hair always coiffed in the latest style. She was a self-admitted flirt, though Jamie suspected she was genuinely sweet on one of the delivery boys at the paper.

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