Mail Order Bride: Rebecca’s California Rancher


Vanessa Carvo

Copyright 2014 Vanessa Carvo

Smashwords Edition

Rebecca dismounted and gave Roscoe one of the carrots she'd just traded for. The jet-black steed plucked the vegetable from her fingers deftly with his lips before crunching it heartily.

"There's a good boy," Rebecca crooned, pulling on the animal's forelock. "You deserve that."

The campsite was small but homey. A simple tent sheltered a bedroll. Rebecca set to stoking the smoldering fire and hanging the kettle above the flames to boil. She retrieved the newspaper she'd bought from the saddlebag and unfolded it, glancing at the stories as she waited for her first cup of coffee of the day.

She had to have the stuff to get her going. Rebecca hadn't planned on a trip to the depot, but the empty coffee bag had propelled her back into civilization.

Normally, she avoided it.

There was no one Rebecca liked better than Roscoe. He was a good horse — well behaved when it mattered and spunky at every other moment. She had to laugh as he tried to reach into the saddlebag that had another two carrots in it.

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