Tales From the Abyss:


A Fate’s Haven Novelette

Daniel A. Dennis


The world changed over-night. For some, the appearance of the dark figure calling itself ‘the Void’ was affirmation that there was indeed a god walking among men. Some saw it as just the opposite: a living incarnation of evil. A being born of darkness that desired only chaos. Others believed it was confirmation of the existence of life beyond our planet Earth. A celestial entity from another world.

Families sat around their television sets watching as the first glimpses of the Void were televised. The initial sighting occurred in Berryhill, Oklahoma near the town’s high school. Many media broadcasters ignored the story completely while others dismissed it because the first images of the creature — that resembled a six-foot tall man embodied by the night — were taken by a group of sixteen-year old boys from the town. The only media outlets who believed them were late-night conspiracy theorist shows. The others mocked the students as rednecks and back-water hillbillies and accused of faking the photos. The most popular references were Big Foot and little green men.

A few days later the mocking stopped.

Reports described a man — or what walked like a man — south of Tulsa. Not far from where the first pictures of the Void were taken. Journalists, expert witnesses, and local law enforcement speculated that it may have been walking along a railroad track to an unknown destination. The sun had set and the train couldn’t stop in time. By the time the dark creature was seen the train was just seconds from hitting it at full speed. But it wasn’t the Void who would perish. The train found the Void to be an immovable object that stood unwavering even in the wake of the impact. The train operators died immediately upon impact as the train buckled at its center.

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