Drink of Desire 1

(Secret Fantasies)

By Venus Santiago

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2014 Venus Santiago

All Rights Reserved

Erin never believed this day would come, but it had. Her new boss, Mr Pierce, set the damning folder down on her desk.

"I'm sorry, Miss Webster," Mr Pierce told her in a fake voice Erin just knew he'd practiced in the mirror. "But the evidence is clear. You've been using company funds to pay for your personal expenses. I have copies here of a travel report from your visit to Des Moines, where you say you stayed at a hotel--but you really went to a spa. Two of your coworkers have given me pictures you shared on Facebook after your facial."

Twerps. Jane and Ellen were just jealous of Erin's perfection. Well, even a lady as gorgeous as herself needed the occasional tune-up, didn't she?

"I'm sorry, sir," Erin said, gazing downward at the desk, hoping she looked apologetic, while inside she seethed with hatred and resentment. "I expect you're wondering why I did that, but I can assure you it was a business expense. Tricia Waters and Emily Peterson go to that spa, you see, and while it might seem like I was misdirecting those expenses just a little, in fact, I was securing the company--"

"Miss Webster." Her new boss's voice had gotten sharper.

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