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It should have been a great time of the year for Johnnie. High school was nearing a close for him and he was looking forward to a peaceful vacation with his mother during the Christmas break. Yes. It should have been. And perhaps it might have been if not for Sheriff Parsons, who is not what he seems.

Johnnie is pursued by a shadow being from another dimension, who seeks to enslave and destroy him for reasons Johnnie can't understand.

His mother is kidnapped and he and his best friend, who is also sometimes his fiercest enemy in some ways, are shoved in to a pursuit that could mean life or death for them. They are pursued by the dark shadow being who can suck the life from someone with its touch.

Hoping to escape the fiend, the two seek a passage through the frozen winterscape of the high mountains, only to find themselves narrowly escaping the fiend.

Finally, in a hopeless confrontation at Johnnie's home, he and his girlfriend, Pat, are caught in an interdimensional portal which translates them into the Great Wonderful, a beautiful land that is being dragged down into the depths of darkness and shadow by an evil Prince.

They must brave strange creatures and a strange world where death can come as easily as great beauty to seek a way home and rescue his mother.

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