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The Will to Kill

by Kelly Duncan

Copyright © 2011 Kelly Duncan

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I dedicate this book to

the love of my life, Ilya.

The Will to Kill

By Kelly Duncan

She cocked the gun as she held the heavy weapon in her dainty little hands. She was on higher ground than him. Both physically and morally. That was good. The height made her feel stronger and the fact that she knew he was evil fuelled her strength even more. He was going to die. Not by accident. Not sometime far, far away. He was going to die now, right now, by her own hand.

It’s funny, she thought, I thought it would be more difficult than this. She looked at him kneeling and cowering on the floor. She looked him straight in the eyes. He had been trying to absolve himself for the last few minutes. She didn’t care. Nothing he could say could pardon him for what he had done. She continued to look him in the eyes and without even blinking she shot a bullet straight between them. She continued to contemplate the pile of skin, flesh, blood and bone that had, until moments ago, been her husband.

Sitting there in the hotel room, staring at the bloody mess that had once been the man she loved and cherished, she thought to herself that this had a good symmetry to it. She looked around the room and realized with a slight smile that this looked almost like the cottage that everything had happened in all that time ago. “How thinks change,” she thought, and with that her mind wandered to that unforgettable day that her entire life had been altered forever...

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