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DESCRIPTION: Intertidal Zone is a two-part book (Book 1---Book 2) about a thrilling account involving the world of Sea Stars and their mysterious (magnetic) ability to regenerate and about an incident involving events from the future as conveyed by an assembly of vastly knowledgeable Time Travelers. The 2 accounts herein are tightly intertwined. Beyond and above the Environmental danger that is hanging precariously over this Planet, these twin books describe a future Globe-wide event of a haunting nature.

A field researcher is assigned to a riveting observational field study involving the lovely Sea Stars' ability to regenerate. The Case File (File CMA-22) encompassing this study is not for field investigators who lack vigour. To meet this commanding File's demands the researcher is required to bring the best of her intellectual, physical and spiritual organism to the sphere where Sea Stars live.

After carefully weighing a number of key factors surrounding File CMA-22; but especially this File's location of study, someone high up the ladder in the Command Centre of an extraordinary Agency who is close to this File, years in advance had decided that in the summer of 2010 this researcher would venture out on a field study adventure in British Columbia's Intertidal Zone.

While on location the explorer's objective is to decode the Sea Stars' capacity to re-grow and rebuild. This field researcher is someone who looks at things from a different angle most others fail to see, or altogether ignore. The results of this research will go into File CMA-22 which has been in existence for some time, but as far as the researcher was concerned this File was dormant; she however couldn't have been more mistaken.

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