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"I'll think of something," he told her.

He smiled at her, and she had to look away or risk losing her temper—again. Or risk losing something . . . .

His unshakable confidence was one of the most irritating things about him, she thought. He'd told her last night that he was here to save her. Yeah, right. Once again, she twisted the four-foot-long chain that bound her and the handsome stranger to the dungeon wall. She knew she was being unfair, but she was so frustrated that it had to come out somewhere. Just pretty boy's tough luck to be stuck here with her.

Okay, so their prison was a wine cellar, but the windowless concrete-block walls made a pretty good dungeon. A wine cellar! If she weren't stuck down here, it would be almost be funny. But in this day of high-tech, computer-controlled "containment facilities," the harpies stuck to the tried and true dark cellar, complete with a heavy chain that ran through a ring in the sturdy wall. As containment facilities went, the cellar seemed to be working all too well. She'd been stuck in this twenty-by-twenty underground room for two days now. She could see a dozen rows of dusty wine bottles lining the far wall. She couldn't reach any of them. Not that she would muddle her head by drinking the contents, but a broken bottle would at least be a weapon of sorts.

"Move over this way and give me a little more slack," she ordered.

If only she could pry one of the links open, she could break the chain and get a little freedom of movement. At least, she'd be able to move around inside the cellar where the harpies had locked them. Gaea's sword might be out of commission, but a good kick in the head would still rattle those bitches' brains. Frustrated, she glared at the gorgeous blond man who happened to be cuffed to the other end of the chain.

"Rescuing people was a lot easier before," her companion in duress said.

What was wrong with him? Didn't he understand the trouble they were in?

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