Gypsy Brothers Go Deep For The Landlady


Susan Hart

Copyright 2014 Susan Hart

Smashwords Edition

Adok and Anotol were the first of their tribe to seriously consider moving to the United States. The twin brothers had always been a little different from the rest. For this, their loving father had always looked upon them with great pride. When they expressed their desire to travel so far beyond the reach of their simple caravans, their father smiled upon them with pride once more.

Other Romani spat at the very idea of traveling west, beyond the sea. They clung too tightly to their long since bastardized traditions. They called themselves nomads, hoisting their lineage like some trophy but in reality all the good lands had been horded and fenced off for generations.

The routes by which their gypsy caravans were now held had been reduced to little more than shipping lanes, cut out of the maps to scoot the Romani around the edges of the rest of civilization.

Adok and Anotol’s father had long ago realized that in this place, there was no proud tradition of the Romani tribes left for them. Their peers, even with almost nothing, squabbled relentlessly over ridiculous symbols of status that they barely understood, believing that outdated Tommy Hilfiger t-shirts and cheap gold necklaces could somehow make one Romani better than they could, somehow, make another.

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