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One Father Many Children: Judaism and the Bahá'í Faith


Burl Barer

According to Jewish teaching, God has provided guidance to others besides Israel.

"The Father of all mankind has made Himself known to more than one single group of His children," affirms Jakob Petuchowski, Professor of Rabbinics and Jewish Theology at Hebrew Union College, "There is, therefor, no reason for assuming that truth is limited to Judaism. God may have chosen other experiences to reveal Himself to Moslems and Buddhists. My concept of the Messianic future includes the prospect of a united mankind, proclaiming that the `the Lord is One, and His name is One’."

Any claim of finality for revelation contradicts both Jewish and Baha’I teachings.

"How can the hand of Him Who is the King in truth, Who caused the countenance of

Moses to be made manifest, and conferred upon Him the robe of Prophethood -- how

can the hand of such a One be chained and fettered? How can He be conceived as

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