Flexing her powerful wings the silver dragon steered wide of the oncoming red dragon male whose jaws were seeking to clamp around her throat.

Out of the way from danger at the moment the female silver dragon flew as fast as she could to the cave opening that was off to her north.

She had to reach the cave even if it meant it would cost her life.

With the female silver being more maneuverable and quick in the air then the cumbersome male red dragon, she made it to the entrance of the cave and landed with little trouble. Once she had her footing on the edge of the opening she hurriedly went inside and continued to maneuver through the twists and turns of the darkened tunnel, using her sharp infra red vision to see.

She could hear the enraged male red dragon outside of the cave entrance no doubt frustrated that his enormous bulk could not fit into it.

The female silver dragon had only small relief at the thought that the male could not make it in here. She, on the other hand, had to get out with her precious cargo that was inside the cave and since she could not make it through the front entrance without the male red getting her, she would have to go through the secret entrance instead.

The thought of going into the Under Ground did not make her at all comfortable.

She had little choice however, for the red dragon was simply too powerful and she could not bring him down on her own for it would take the male red only a matter of time before he would find a way in and get her. Once a red dragon makes an attack on someone or something they do not stop until they kill them or they get what they want.

She would have to abandon her lair and take her treasure into the Under Ground.

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