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Stress-Breaking Poetry

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What is good Poetry?

Poetry is a composition of verse with words that are arranged in a variety of shapes and forms. Poetry is that portion of literature which expresses imagination a feelings most intensely.

Poetry is a rhythmical creation of beauty in lyrics which stirs our imagination. A poem can be an elevated expression, a vision or insight of majestic thoughts a feelings.

A poet must communicate a personal revelation by using dreamlike words so that they arouse the reader's imagination. The power of words fused into poetry is often magical beyond definition or reason, like loveliness it is an intuitive experience.

Often poems are written only for entertainment and amusement. But some poems have a way of being painted memorably into every heart, causing the population to unite, resulting in altering the history of the world. Voltaire, the French satirist a philosopher created: "A fight to survive" type of poetry that ignited the French Revolution. When the Monarch of France finally capitulated in 1799, Voltaire's skeleton was retrieved from the grave and placed on the King's throne. If one reader is moved by only one single verse of a poem, then the poet's efforts were never in vain. These anthologies of poems are segregated in the following seven categories:

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