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Mail Order Bride: Return To Sender?


Helen Keating

Copyright 2014 Helen Keating

Smashwords Edition

Jake glanced up to peer out the window, looking across the field to the horse barn. Laura was sitting in the middle of the waving grasses, her arms wrapped around her knees. Jake watched her for a while, unsure as to what she’d do. Just moments before, she had stormed out of the little house, both of them raging at each other.

Laura didn’t look like she was going anywhere, though. Jake dragged a chair from the kitchen table to the window and sat down before crossing his legs and propping his bible up on them.

Normally, he’d open the book and consult with the good word to look for guidance in these kinds of situations. However, he’d had about all he could stand. There wasn’t much in the bible for him that would change what he was about to do.

Dear Ross & Marks, he wrote, careful not to smear the ink with his passing fist. I am writing to inquire about the options I have in returning a bride to your mail order service.

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