1, Life as an Angel Saw It

J.B. Hickock

The Codex, its plot, characters and setting are all copyright Fanatical Publishingwas


As the final days spread across the land a sign shall appear in the sky, the first sign thatheaven’s justice shall fall upon the world of men, and the armies of right and shadow will clash across the fields of eternity.

On a field of light and darkness two warriors struggled in the midst of battle; they attacked each other desperately, with hardly a thought for defence, while about them their comrades likewise battled each other.

One was silver of hair and skin, dressed in dark leathern raiment. His black eyes burned with anger as he struck at his foe; fast as lightning his blows came, the long sword he held in his gauntleted hands danced like a thing alive.

But however he struck, every blow was turned by his enemy: a broad warrior who wore silvery armor, dark of hair and skin, his eyes glowed golden with an inner light as he struck back, his own blade flashing with light as it struck

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